Future Mobility

With $16 billion in revenue by 2025 projected to be the value of the Australian future transport market, the business potential is immense.

Future mobility is about today and about tomorrow.

Mobility – systems to replace the way we power our transport, alternative mobility systems, Trusted Autonomous Systems (TAS) designed to transport people and/or freight … the list goes on and on.

Will we still be driving, flying, steering vehicles ourselves in ten years? Twenty years? Or will they drive, fly or steer themselves and we’ll just become passengers?

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated a case for autonomous vehicles with some deliveries being made by drones and driverless shuttles.  We already have autonomous trains so now we are looking further at autonomous trucks, EVTOL and STOL vehicles, autonomous ships and boats.  Most likely they will be electric powered, and this is about Carbon emission reduction as much as mobility.  The future mobility sector closely aligns with the Renewable Energy sector with, battery charging systems, swappable battery solutions, new battery and charging technologies all part of the growing list of capabilities and needs.

  • UN IPCC Report has shown that in the early 2030’s the Earth’s temperature will warm beyond the 1.5ºC limits set in 2015 by the Paris Agreement—a serious situation for everyone.
  • Hundreds of the world’s top scientists have analysed projections and are now advising we must reduce greenhouse emissions. A move towards alternative powering of vehicles is inevitable.

Aktive Services can get you involved and, on the way, to being an industry forerunner in whichever form of future mobility you focus on.

We offer:

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to grow and succeed in this growing market.

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