Food and Beverage

From AUD$61 billion per year to an estimated AUD$200+ billion per year by 2030

Grow and succeed with Aktive Services, while delivering significant value direct to the Australian economy from this important industry, one projected to create another 300,000 local jobs this decade.

  • Do you have solutions for reducing food wastage? What about for better storage or distribution systems?
  • Are you seeking to understand how to automate your systems to keep costs down?
  • Maybe you’re interested in being competitive against imports and eliminating the need for imported components?

Whatever your requirements, tell us and we’ll work with you to achieve your goals in Food and Beverage.

Support and grants currently available include:
  • Currently being reviewed.
  • Each Australian state government has its own state-based funding programs to support the Food and Beverage sector, and Aktive Services can help identify those most suitable to your business.

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