Fashion, Clothing and Textiles

Australia’s Fashion, Clothing and Textiles industry contributes more than $27.2billion to Australia’s economy (E&Y2021).

The industry has always been strong with our leading designers and fashion icons making global impacts from an industry sector that has been underestimated.

Exports from Australia’s Fashion, Clothing and Textiles (FCT) industry generates $7.2billion per annum (E&Y2021) and it employs more than 489,000 people of which 77% are women.

The industry is innovating all the time embracing digital, industrial and circular business transformation. It is adapting to the rise in ESG demand addressing environmental, social justice and governance requirements as it grows. By its very nature the industry is fearless and creative, embracing design technologies and combining them with traditional methods.

Aktive Services is working with industry players to help transform and position them to more effectively tackle new market and sector opportunities, to better understand their strengths and how to build on them and more effectively manufacture their products.

Traditionally there has been a reliance on components being made offshore, which, as with many other industries, was shows to be at risk when supply chains were put under pressure caused through the Covid pandemic. Businesses are now looking at what alternatives are on offer here and whether they can be adapted to their own use.  Aktive Services is also helping by searching for alternatives for the industry to make it easier to be self sustaining.

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