Advanced Manufacturing

Let’s make things in Australia… How?

Aktive Services will show you, empowering you to grow and succeed.

Don’t wait until someone else beats you to it. We can collaborate and look at options to make your products, or supply chain materials for your products, here. Shipping from overseas is expensive so now is the time to reassess making more here!

With business practices shifting, new technologies are entering the scene faster than ever, reducing local manufacturing cost, providing unique opportunities for manufacturers to embrace these technologies to improve their competitiveness:

  • automation
  • digital design
  • robotics
  • AI
  • 3D printing

Advanced manufacturing spans sectors, traditional and emerging.

For example, technologies used in the Clothing and Textiles Industry (CTI) making materials and products in a more environmentally friendly and ethically sustainable way. Universities are working with industry on new materials and processes for testing and commercialising. Aktive Services connects the dots..

National Manufacturing Priorities:
  • Defence
  • Space
  • Renewable Energy
  • Food and Beverage
  • Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing
  • Medical Products
Support and grants currently available include:
  • Currently being reviewed

Funding opens and closes regularly. Preparation is key to being successful as funding streams could open at any time.

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