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Modern businesses must overcome a host of industry-specific challenges in order to succeed.

At Aktive Services, we believe it shouldn’t be hard to win in the marketplace.

It’s why, since 2019, we’ve been drawing on our experience in both business and government to solve problems for clients, making it easy for them to conquer their business goals—with a particular focus on Advanced Manufacturing, Defence, Space, Future Mobility, Food and Agribusiness, and Renewable Energy.

Australian owned and operated, we are based in Adelaide, South Australia, and service clients nationwide with our expertise, understanding and support.

We are your conduit to an incredible support network that empowers you to navigate government, reach decision makers and get answers when others cannot.

For many, growth requires financial assistance—this could be from governments, angel investors, venture capital providers or financial institutions. We can identify the best funding opportunities for you and make introductions for rapid growth.

With an intricate understanding of government policies, strategies, and intent, we can translate these to ensure alignment with your goals and help you engage government.

Strong supporters of sovereign manufacturing capability in any sector, we can also assess the feasibility of manufacturing components or products locally in Australia.

It’s about your
growth and success.

If you tell us your
problem, we’ll provide
the solution.

We tailor our support services to your needs—whether it’s advocacy, business development, funding, network introductions, or just someone to talk to.

If you have an idea, a problem, or seek understanding about how to supply other industry sectors or how you can transition your business to them, we can help you realise your dreams.

Aktive Services can assist you at any stage of the journey, helping you along your pathway to success.

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Jurij Polischko, BSc
Business Consultant

Consultant with extensive cross-sector experience working with both industry and government. I understand different stakeholders’ needs from start-up businesses to multinationals in focus sectors of Manufacturing, Defence, Future Mobility, Space, Food & Agribusiness, and Renewable Energy. Successfully designed, developed, and implemented business growth strategies using analytical techniques. Excellent communication and presentation skills.

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