Helping Business To Manufacture in Australia.

  • One of our aims is more Australian manufacturing capability
  • We can help you manufacture components or products in Australia.
  • Networks, Government Engagement, Grant Writing.

We are help to help you!

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New Manufacturing Technologies

  • What is 3D Printing?
  • How can your business make things more efficiently?
  • Networks, Government Engagement, and Grant Writing.

We help business to embrace new ways of making things, in less expensive,  more efficiently ways!

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The ADF is looking for locally made products!

  • Ask us how you can supply to Defence?
  • Helping With Growth Strategies
  • Networks, Government Engagement, Grant Writing.

We help transform industries to be capable of supplying to the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

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Textiles, Clothing & Footwear – make more in Australia.

  • Assessing your capabilities and finding any gaps.
  • New industry sector opportunities.
  • Networks, Government Engagement, Grant Writing

We help business to address gaps in the supply chain!

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Future Mobility – AI, Autonomous, Electric in Australia.

  • Are you looking to test in Australia? We can help.
  • Interested in innovation and manufacturing solutions?
  • Networks, Government Engagement, Grant Writing

We see an electric, autonomous future in the air, on the ground, an on sea and are positioned to help!

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Food Manufacturing and Agribusiness.

  • Ask us about modern manufacturing solutions.
  • Autonomous vehicles and agriculture. Ask us about how this can be applied to your business.
  • Networks, Government Engagement, Grant Writing.

We help food businesses to make products more cost effectively!

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Renewable Energy – Solar, Wind, Green Electric, Hydrogen.

  • Ask us about how your business can save money on energy, now?
  • Adopting green energy solutions.
  • Networks, Government Engagement, Grant Writing.

We help business get “green” before your customers ask you to be – its a competitive advantage!

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  • Ensuring success

    Making the right connections and supporting your growth.

  • Government relations

    Navigating government is hard. We make it simple.

  • Transformation

    We can build a case for transformation and deliver it to key stakeholders in a way they'll understand.


Renewable Energy

We recently assisted a renewable energy and advanced manufacturing business in taking advantage of various available grants which propelled their business forward and placed them in a great position to undertake larger industry projects.

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Conducted a feasibility study and project managed the grant application process through to acceptance.

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Transforming Business

Become More Competitive

We're laser focussed on the success of your business, bringing together a unique mix of experience, knowledge and connections to give you the edge over the competition.

Expert Advocacy & Representation

With over a decade of experience with Government, we make things simple so you get answers faster, become connected with the right people and gain a level of insight that can transform your business.

Funding For Growth

New ideas and initiatives require funding which can be challenging to navigate. We identify opportunities and make introductions to assist in rapid growth.


How We Helped Our Clients

Assisted Australian manufacturer in understanding the business opportunities in Defence, helped it to expand and improve its capabilities in order to supply Defence and industry with its products and services.

Provided assistance to SMEs with writing applications for funding for Defence, manufacturing and future mobility projects.

Engaged by a leading, European, electric vehicle manufacturer to analyse the feasibility of setting up manufacturing in Australia and liaising with governments on its behalf.

Conducted a feasibility study for a specialist protective equipment company on the manufacture of RPE in Australia.


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